Aamer Anwar speaks at Pre-Conference Aberdeen Independence Movement

Aberdeen Independence Movement on : Our response to the First Minister’s SNP Conference Speech by Alan Petrie, Aberdeen Independence Movement co-organiser

“We welcome the general message to the world and the EU, today’s speech set out a clear path of what we must do going forward in the independence movement.The pandemic has shone a light on social issues, the big questions are how best to move forward to a new Scotland, and that must be at the centre of the independence case.We as a group now need to get ready for the upcoming campaign, be that 2021 or 2022, we have a lot of work to do. Let’s make a positive case for independence in a respectful manner.”

by Fatima Joji – AIM

The Aberdeen Independence Movement (AIM) was set up by a group of local activists and professionals to campaign for Scottish independence. We welcome anyone who is interested in learning why independence is the most positive outcome for Scotland. As an organisation, AIM was founded on four pillars; Inclusiveness, Localism, Pragmatism and Professionalism. The members of AIM come from a wide array of backgrounds and political ideas – we don’t all have the same vision for Scotland, but we do all think that it should be Scotland’s choice. Once we have the power over our social, fiscal, legal and economic frameworks we can all make our case for how best to use that power, what decisions we should make and what kind of society we want. The purpose of AIM is to get us to that point


Aberdeen Independence Movement on Facebook

“AIM has been active for two and a half years. Since we started, we have organised and hosted 32 physical events, three of them being one-day conferences. Since lockdown, we have been hosting a programme of Zoom events where we explore different topics relevant to the future development of Scotland.

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