As a socialist group we are committed to re-distribution of wealth and to making sure that everyone who wants to join us, can. 

Therefore we now have four annual membership rates based on ability to pay. We are happy for you to choose the one that suits your circumstances best: we trust each other to contribute what we can afford, and don’t need evidence or justification.

Every member is equal, and the amount you choose to pay is private.

If it’s difficult for you to pay online for any reason, or a direct debit doesn’t suit you – that’s fine, you can still join!  We trust our members, so just fill in the form, and you can pay later at any of our events or stalls.  And again – what you pay is in confidence.

If you are in the fortunate position of being able to afford it, then contributing more allows us to do more. You can choose to either pay a higher annual subscription (just put your preferred amount in relevant box below), or you may prefer an additional donation.

If you are arranging payment via direct debit, standing order, or bank transfer, please use your initial and surname as the chosen reference, and make membership fees and donations payable to:

SNP Socialists
Bank of Scotland
Account Number: 15315169
Sort Code: 802260

All subscriptions and donations go towards our work, for example printing costs for flyers, posters and leaflets, transport and hire costs for stalls and event spaces, badges, web-site upkeep, etc. We are transparent on what we spend money on, and accountable to our members through freely available financial accounts.

To join SNP Socialists you must first and foremost be a member of the Scottish National Party. If you wish to join the SNP, please click here.