The Scottish National Party is a broad church bringing together people from many different walks of life, backgrounds, and positions on the political spectrum, in order to work as one Party for the common cause of Scottish independence.

With such a historic influx of new members following the independence referendum, this broad church has grown. Since September 2014 attendances at branch meetings all over Scotland have rocketed, campaigning on the streets has remained the hugely impressive and vibrant scenes witnessed during the Yes campaign, and affiliate organisations and special interest groups such as SNP Youth, SNP Students, the SNP Trade Union Group, SNP CND, and SNP Friends of Palestine have experienced massive increases in membership and visibility.

Simply put, being a part of such a broad church does not mean there cannot be progressive discussion and constructive debate with regards to a huge membership sharing vibrant and varied beliefs on policy and wider politics. For a forward-thinking political Party with such a varied membership, these organisations and groups can play a constructive and engaging role in the make-up of our Party – representing committed SNP members who share a common interest or view.

SNP Socialists is, as the name would suggest, a newly formed special interest group which aims to bring together socialist members of the Scottish National Party, providing a forum for left-wing politics and socialist ideology to be discussed and progressed, and to inform and educate the wider Party membership on our shared vision for a future independent Scotland. The group will look to campaign on issues deemed relevant and put forward socialist opinions where necessary, whilst remaining dedicated and committed to the Scottish National Party as a whole.

Our main aims are to be a pragmatic, democratic, and most importantly, a constructive voice within the SNP. We have even included these tenets in our constitution.

There have been socialist members of our Party since its formation in the 1930s, pragmatically fighting for Scottish independence in the belief that it is a crucial first step towards socialism and we believe that, with the increase in membership in recent years, an organised group of such members can play a progressive and constructive role in our Party. We want socialist members of the SNP to know that they do have a home and a voice in the SNP and that they can play a constructive role in taking Scotland forward.

In the coming months we will begin to organise to bring together like-minded members under the principles of worker emancipation, equality for all and Scottish Independence. If you believe that this represents you and you want to assist in realising a socialist independent Scotland, then get involved today.

Online, we aim to create a space where socialist and leftist members of the SNP can participate in progressive debate and discussion, both on social media and on this website.