A big part of the idea behind SNP Socialists is to provide a forum for discussion and debate about socialism and left-wing politics, both within the SNP and across Scotland.

With that in mind, we are keen to welcome contributions to Red Thistle from anyone with an interest in the topics being discussed. You do not need to be an SNP member or consider yourself a socialist to contribute to the conversation, we are more than happy to publish the opinions of anybody as long as the content is relevant.

It goes without saying that the majority of content will be written from a left-wing and socialist SNP stance, but please do not be put off submitting your own views if you do not come under that bracket. If you have something relevant to say then fire it our way. We will consider all submissions fairly and, outwith the correcting of typos, will never edit anything without discussing it with you first.

All posts on the website also allow readers to comment with their own thoughts on each piece. Like any other website of this kind, we will of course monitor these in order to remove anything we think oversteps the mark from heated debate into personal abuse. Again, non-SNP and non-socialist voices are welcome here, as long as the views expressed are relevant and participating in the debate.

But if contributing to Red Thistle in a longer and more substantial way is your kind of thing, simply send your article to us in a .doc or .pdf file ( and we will get back to you. Feel free to also attach any images or files you have included in your piece. If it is your first submission to the website, please also include a few lines about yourself in the body of the e-mail, including your Twitter handle if you have one.

Thanks for your interest in contributing to Red Thistle and we hope to hear from you soon!