A Socialist Attitude to Independence.


Never mix politics, drink & football my Father said.

Well, I believe that Shankly and Big Jock had a few drinks when discussing football and to introduce socialism to the game makes complete sense. See when you are part of a team, pulling as one for the ultimate prize so that everyone can benefit from the share of the spoils, that’s where socialism comes into play.

So, my logic here is whether you believe in the SNP or not, whether you have fallen out with the party, If you ultimately believe in the one common goal of Independence, we must work as a team in order to achieve that goal.

Now it may be viewed that we are all in what the First Minister described as ‘The last chance saloon’ with reference to the Tories disregard for Scotland’s participation in the Brexit discussions. The EU elections offer us another chance to say clearly that we wish to remain part of the EU and to remain European.

Only by voting for the SNP in those elections will deliver that, but if we are ignored again (and I think we will be) she MUST start the process of dissolving the union in order to lay a clear path for the Indy vote in 2021 and without provocation, I clearly say this it is then and only then that people will have the right to choose a different path if that is what they wish to do.

I have often asked, ‘will socialism deliver Independence?’ or ‘will Independence deliver socialism?’

We cannot have a true socialist republic whilst under the constraints of Westminster, and if you believe that we are all in it in order to help others share in the spoils of the ultimate prize, then I believe that now more than ever we must stay united in that pursuit of Independence.

The old trade union mantra tells us that we can only win if we stand together. ‘Strength in Unity’

Chris McCusker

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